About Us


What PAR Offers


The Program for Academic Resilience (PAR) is a program that includes 4 courses:

  • Orientation
  • Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)
  • Math
  • English

The ability to communicate clearly, think critically, and direct yourself is vital to 21st century leadership. These are skills that PACA develops. But that’s not the only focus. PAR provides you with flexible, personalized support to improve and apply your math and English skills throughout the PACA course. First, you’ll take a practice test, which will create a customized study path based on the results. You will then be able to complete your coursework at your own pace.

Your success is our priority, which is why you can access our tutoring services whenever you need to. We’re serious—our tutors are available 24/7. We're always there to lend a helping hand if you find yourself struggling in any of your courses.  Struggling outside of your courses?  Yep, we can help with that too.  Your personal success coach is a click away.


Why Choose PACA?


The Academy at WGU believes in educational opportunities for everyone, and designed PACA to meet the needs of students of all walks of life. Designed from years of research and experience, PACA develops confidence, a thriving mindset, determination, and powerful learning skills. You can expect to finish the program possessing greater self-awareness, confidence, and skills that will support lifelong learning and career success. After all, great strides are possible with the right kind of support and attention.


Your Coaching and Peer Network


Learning can be tough, but when you have the support of a community of peers and coaches who know what you’re going through, you’ll be empowered to succeed. PACA focuses on building resilience, and the key to resilience is relationships with others.

Your coaches will help you to address what’s important to you and the issues going on in your own life through one-on-one sessions. Your peers will be alongside you through group sessions and activities, so you get the best of both worlds.


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