Sentara Service to Scholars Grant


What are the income requirements?

This program is intended to help as many Servicemembers, Veterans, and spouses as possible and therefore we take a personal approach to assess eligibility. We know that a reported annual house salary can be considered either high or low based on the number of people in the household. For this reason, we do not have set income restrictions and instead will select among the most financially needy of our applicant pool.  

Will the Joint Service Transcripts (JST) be used to transfer credit for the Programs?

Military students are required to submit their JST and any other higher education transcript for consideration. The Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) is not required or accepted for admission into WGU. Transcripts are not required for WGU Academy. Students who graduate from Academy are guaranteed admission to WGU.

Can spouses and dependents receiving the GI Bill qualify for this program?

At this time, Service to Scholars is for Servicemembers, Veterans, and spouses only. However, WGU and WGU Academy have generous financial aid for dependents, so we encourage them to call Julio Camacho at (385) 262-4561 to learn more about Academy programs and related scholarship options.

If I am already enrolled in WGU, can I still participate in the Service to Scholars program?

No. Service to Scholars only provides financial support for students who enroll in and complete, WGU Academy, the College-Readiness Academic Bootcamp (associated with this offer) and then enroll at WGU to achieve their bachelor’s degree.

However, WGU does offer generous financial assistance for current students who are Servicemembers and Veterans. If you are currently enrolled in WGU and need help understanding financial support please contact:       

Does any branch of the military qualify for this grant?

Yes—Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserve, National Guard, and Space Force Servicemembers, Veterans, and spouses who have served after 2001.  If you are a veteran or spouse who has served our country prior to 2001 and would like to achieve your bachelor’s degree, call Pietro Aguiluz at (757) 469-2079 or email him at

​How will the $4,750 be administered?

The Service to Scholars grant will be administered over the course of 5 terms and includes a full tuition waiver to attend WGU Academy, the Academic Boot Camp, valued at $800; a waiver of the $175 application fee; and up to $1,000 per term for 4 terms.

WGU has one of the lowest tuition rates in the U.S. (average tuition $3,650 per term). Service to Scholars participants are expected to fill out the Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) and utilize any military benefits they might be eligible for in order to keep the cost of enrollment as low as possible.

Will you have any military veterans from WGU as the liaison to explain the programs and the questions the veterans may be asking?  

Yes. WGU has a team dedicated to serving U.S. Servicemembers, Veterans, and spouses who are interested in enrolling. The Service to Scholars program also has dedicated staff members who can answer all questions related to enrollment. To discuss WGU programs, please contact Pietro Aguiluz at or (757) 469-2079 for assistance.

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